As an agent with Awesim we need you to understand how we can help you in making sim sales and earning money. We have some basic training tests which we would like you to complete. Click on the links below and complete all the tests please.

There are 3 training tests to complete – for every test you pass you will receive 25 Awesim Rewards Points. To pass a test you need to score 75% or higher. You only have 1 attempt to pass each test, so read carefully and take your time. 25 Awesim Rewards Points is equal to R25 which can be spent on the Awesim Rewards Store. Awesim Reward points can be spent on a variety of items, such as T-shirts, caps, cell phones, gazebo’s etc. Please check the Awesim Reward Points terms and conditions on our website for further info.

Test 1: Awesim Agent Training 1 (the basics about being an agent) Test 1
Test 2: Awesim Agent Training 2 (more info on what we do and how you can benefit) Test 2
Test 3: Awesim Agent Training 3 (how much and when we pay you) Test 3
Test 4: Awesim Agent Training 4 (for Network Knowledge) Test 4

Terms and conditions for Reward payments:
  • • Reward points will be issued within a month of you successfully passing the test for all those having an active account with Awesim. If you do not already have an active account with Awesim they will be rewarded within a month of having an active account. An active account means that you have an account with Awesim and have:
    • o Been shipped sim cards
    • o Have started to connect and recharge some of those sim cards
  • • Your details (Name/Surname/Cell number/ID or Passport No) must be correct and match your account with Awesim.
  • • You will only be issued Reward points for completing the test once. If you complete it more than once, we will only take your first attempt.
  • • If you complete the test with fake or incorrect details you will not be issued Reward points.
  • • You will not be issued with Reward points if your account is on hold or has been deactivated or marked as fraud.
  • • You will not be issued Rewards points if you have already been paid for tests completed on the old Awesim Academy website.
  • • You may be requested to provide us with a photo of you and your ID document or Passport as proof before payment is made.
  • • You cannot complete a test on behalf of another agent.
  • • Awesim Reward points are not redeemable for cash.