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Awesim Competitions & Incentives

Incentive Name: Awesim USSD Competitions
Incentive Period: Monthly (per calendar month). Starting 01 June 2020 – (yet to be announced)
Incentive Eligible Agents: Agents (shipped) and Retail/Regional Agents. Dealer accounts excluded. Contact Awesim for details.

Competition Rules:
  • • Awesim will identify certain agent accounts who qualify for the competition.
  • • Agents will be able to see if they qualify by dialling *130*43203# to check if the Competitions menu option is available.
  • • All eligible agents will need to register for each individual competition, every month to be eligible to win the Reward Points or prize on offer. No registration, no prizes.
  • • Competitions will be listed per stock code or stock category. A stock code is a specific type of sim card (such as a Telkom LTE sim) whereas a stock category covers any type of sim for that network such as Telkom (exclusions may apply). If an agent cannot understand what sims form part of the competition, they will need to contact Awesim to clarify this.
  • • If an agent does qualify for the competition and they have registered for the competition, they will be issued a target for the calendar month. The target will be based on the specific stock as per the competition description as explained above. The target is measured by how many of that type of sim card both connects (as per the connection definition of the network) and then loads airtime within that same calendar month. Over and above this, the sim card is required to become a REAL customer for it to count towards the target.
  • • The sims that recharge must become Real Customers (see General T&C’s).
  • • Any sims cards loaded with minimal airtime only to qualify as a recharged connection will be excluded. These can be excluded AFTER or DURING the month even though they may have been shown as being counted towards the target as recharged sim on the USSD reporting already.
  • • Awesim reserves the right to include whichever agents they deem appropriate for the competition as well as change targets during a month if they deem there is a sufficient enough reason for this to be done.
  • • Accounts flagged as being on hold or fraudulent will not be eligible for this incentive.
  • • All point Rewards will be issued on the 15th of the month after the competition ends.
  • • Awesim relies on the networks to provide up to date data in order for Awesim to display this data to the agents on a daily basis. The data displayed to the agents daily is by no means final and will only be finalised on the day of payment for the winners. Awesim reserves the right to restate the data in order to align correctly with any network data that was incorrect or incomplete or inaccurate.
  • • All other Awesim Terms and conditions continue to apply in addition to the above.