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Awesim Reward points

Points Rules:
  • • Awesim Reward points will be awarded to all customers depending on their default order type. This can be confirmed with Awesim. All new Awesim agents will begin with 0 points.
  • • Awesim Rewards points are earned on a monthly basis by an agent/dealer who has an account with Awesim (certain dealers excluded).
  • • Awesim Reward points are calculated by and awarded at the discretion of Awesim.
  • • Awesim Reward points can be reversed at any stage, for any reason at the discretion of Awesim without notification. Examples would be if there is found to be fraud performed on the sims issued or due to performance issues etc.
  • • Awesim Rewards points are allocated on a monthly basis to the agent/dealers account by Awesim.
  • • Ad hoc Awesim Reward points can also be allocated to the agent/dealers account at any stage.
  • • Awesim Reward points are allocated based on the number of real customer activations (after any deductions) that are generated monthly per agent/dealer account.
  • • Only agents/dealer with a 3-star rating (overall) and above (3/4/5 star) will be issued with reward points. The amount of Rewards points issued will differ per agent/dealer.
  • • Awesim Reward points will not be issued to agents/dealers whose accounts are on hold or if there is deemed to be fraud on their account.
  • • Awesim Reward points will be valid as long as the following conditions are met:
  • • The agent/dealer has ordered and received stock within the last 6 months (the agent/dealer will need to qualify for stock to be able to order and receive the stock). Awesim reserves the right to make the final decision on whether to issue the agent/dealer with stock at any stage.
  • • The agent/dealer activates at least 5 sim cards per month which are eligible for Awesim Rewards points allocation.
  • • If the above conditions are not met then the Reward points accumulated up to that point will be forfeited (reduced to zero). The agent will then begin accumulating points again from scratch.
  • • Should any agent/dealer not redeem their Awesim Rewards points for 12 consecutive calendar months, all the accumulated Awesim Rewards points will be forfeited (reduced to zero). The agent will then begin accumulating points again from scratch.
  • • If an agent/dealer’s account is placed On-Hold they will not be able to redeem their Awesim Reward points until their account is active again, all accumulated Awesim Reward points will be reduced to zero should the agent’s On-Hold account not be active again within a 12-month period.
  • • Agent’s Awesim Reward points balance will be reduced by the number of points required to obtain the desired Promotional Items. Redeemed Awesim Reward points may take up to 48 hours to reflect on either the USSD, Website or Awesim App once they have been redeemed by the agent.
  • • Awesim Reward points can only be redeemed if the agent has the acquired the appropriate amount of Awesim Rewards points necessary to redeem a Promotional Item/s.
  • • Promotional Item/s eligible for redemption will be displayed on the USSD Platform by dialling *120*43203# selecting Awesim Rewards. Certain dealers will not have USSD access to points, they will need to call the Awesim office. Agents/dealers can so call Awesim at any time to check their points balance and redeem any points.
  • • Agents/dealers can make enquiries about their Awesim Reward points by dialling *120*43203# then select Awesim Reward, select points, then select points Balance.
  • • Awesim Reward points are linked to the SYSPRO account that the agent/dealer has with Awesim. Stock gets issued to that account and activations on that stock is what the rewards will be calculated on after all exclusions mentioned above. The main cell phone number that is linked to that account will be the only cell phone number that can redeem points using the USSD (*120*43203#) for that account. Alternatively, an agent can always call in to redeem points if that USSD is not used. All agents are responsible to ensure that all personal information is correct and up-to-date.
  • • Awesim reserves the right to block redemptions where the agent/dealers’ information is inaccurate or incomplete. Agents/dealers are entirely responsible for keeping their Account secure.
  • • Awesim Reward points cannot be exchanged for cash, Smartload, transferred or sold to another agent/dealer, transferred to any other Awesim account, or exchanged for sim cards at this stage.
  • • NO exchanges or refunds or returns of promotional items will be processed once the items have moved into the order processing (invoicing) phase within Awesim.
  • • Only returns for faulty terminals and printers will be considered. And the points will only be refunded for these items after inspection by Awesim to ascertain the issue. A replacement terminal/printer will be issued if possible instead of a points refund. If the fault is that of the agent/dealer as to be decided by Awesim, no points will be refunded and no units will be replaced.
  • • NO sizes can be guaranteed on any promotional items and they cannot be returned due to the incorrect size.
  • • NO colours can be guaranteed on any promotional items and they cannot be returned due to the incorrect colour.
  • • NO type of print/design can be guaranteed on any promotional items and they cannot be returned due to the incorrect type of print/design.
  • • If an item is selected and at the time of processing is out of stock, Awesim will attempt to replace this item with the closest possible substitute and if that is not available, Awesim will contact the agent/dealer to confirm any other available items that it can be exchanged for. If none are agreed upon, Awesim will refund that points to the agent so items can be selected at another stage.

Redeeming Awesim Reward points:
  • • Agents can redeem Awesim Reward points from the following methods:
    • o  Using the USSD Platform.
    • o  Contacting our call centre
    • o  Visiting our offices for a same day collection
  • • To redeem Awesim Reward points using our USSD Platform, agents must dial *120*43203# from their phone select Awesim Rewards, select points, then select Redeem points. The menu options can be followed from that point. Awesim USSD IS Charged at 20c per 20 seconds.
  • • On the USSD, orders can be cancelled after they have been made if the agent/dealer would like to change what they have chosen. The points will be reissued to the account if a cancellation is successful. Cancellations can only be made before the order has been selected for order processing (invoicing) within Awesim, no cancellation can be made from that point onwards and NO refunds or exchanges will be made from that point onward.
  • • To redeem Awesim Rewards points through the Call centre; when agents call in to redeem their Awesim Reward points they will need to verify their account information. Once their information has been verified the redemption can be processed.
  • • Agent will need to accumulate a minimum value of Awesim Reward points to be eligible to redeem Promotional Item/s at that value.
  • • Agent will not be able to redeem their points for Promotional Items if they don’t have sufficient points available.
  • • No items redeemed from Awesim Reward points will be shipped to any agent without their being enough sim card stock eligible for the agent to receive a shipment. This also applies to walk in order or sales person delivery orders or any other type of order. To be clear, the agent/dealer will need at least 30 sim cards allowed to be able to receive their rewards allocation with their shipment, irrespective of how the sims are shipped or delivered or collected by the agent/dealer. The above rule remains in place even if the agent purchases sim cards. A purchase of any amount of sim cards will not allow the promotional items to be released. Unless an agent/dealer has sufficient allowed stock (30 sims minimum) as per Awesim’s system, there will be no release of the promotional items that have been redeemed.

Buying Awesim Reward points:
  • • Reward points will be available for purchase, if agents don’t have sufficient points to exchanges for a Promotional Item/s or if they need additional more points to get additional Promotional Items.
  • • They can contact the call centre for assistant in buying additional Awesim Reward points.
  • • Agents will need to supply a proof of payment before we credit them with the necessary points for Promotional Item/s redemptions.
  • • Any purchased points will rank above all other points issued. Purchased points will be used as the first set of points for redemption when points are redeemed. Thereafter the remaining categories of points will be applied.
  • • Unused purchased points will be the only type of points that can be refunded in cash to the agent if the refund request has been made by the agent within 6 months of the points being purchased. The amount refunded will be the amount received less any fees incurred by Awesim.
  • • Awesim reserves the right to limit the amount of points to be purchased by any agent/dealer at any time at their discretion.